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Our Debt Recovery Services

The rising costs of debt recovery litigation demands a change of tactics and business debt recovery solutions. No matter the debt profile of the debtor, we will implement an effective legal strategy to recover your money. We have the resources, including asset location, and private investigators to locate and collect your money; and all legal fees are on a contingency basis.

Debt Recovery Stragegy

Our strategy is first and foremost, to explore alternative dispute resolution. If this fails, we will pursue the debtor individual or company as well as the latter’s directors and officers, from demand letters to aggressive litigation (if need be).

This is with a view to seeking a lien, seizure and or sale of assets.

Debt Recovery Core Competencies

Debt Recovery Litigation

As members of the Ghana Bar Association, Legal Practitioners at our firm maintain and partner with a national network of experienced litigation law firms. When a debt is not paid, litigation is the last step.

Our affiliate company, Wetrace, works with retired and experienced officers of National Security, BNI, CID and current intelligence officers to search for assets the debtor has, to determine if litigation is warranted. Once this process is complete, we will forward the information to you for approval.

The above approach and strategy will increase debt collection recovery percentages and reduce back-end legal costs, which results in a positive effect on your bottom-line profits. As your local lawyers our mission is to provide easy access to legal services for Ghanaians. One way we do this is by running a free and brief legal advice consultation. We also undertake work on legal aid.

The Sectors We Serve

We serve clients mainly from the areas of Corporate, Property Advisory, Litigation Services and Debt Recovery. 

You can find Gyandoh Asmah & Co in Accra, specifically 1B Sixth Circular Road, Cantonment – Accra, Ghana

We pay attention to delivering on the need of our clients and our rates are very competitive depending the type of service you require from us.

We bring our extensive expertise to the forefront in areas such as Corporate Structuring, Debt and Equity Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, Trade Practices. Compliance, and Employment-related advisory services.

Our legal team specializes in providing tailored solutions for commercial property and real estate transactions, covering every aspect from land sales to acquisitions.

Gyandoh Asmah & Co is first of all a Multi-national Firm adhering to the highest standards.
We have 18 years of experience, over 15B GHS in Excess of Corporate Transaction, over 13.4 B GHS in excess of Debt Recovery.